Th Thoughts Compassion

Acknowledge, Listen, Witness

Sometimes you just need someone to say “It is understandable you feel that way.”

Not fix it. Not invalidate it.

Acknowledge it.

Listen and witness.

Hold space.


Being present, open and allow what another needs in each moment is a gift.

In your openness to the pain of others you are essentially saying, “How can I be there for you?” “What can I do to support your highest good?”

In holding space you’re there to witness. It’s a powerful gift of presence that you can give others through the quality of your intention, attention and energy.

Holding space is allowing the person to feel what they feel. Allowing them to say what they need to say. Holding space is not about controlling anything. Your role is that of a guardian of the space.

Your acknowledgment and awareness will provide much comfort and compassion which is also a gift.

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I am a grief counselor, certified grief educator, certified professional life coach, speaker, and writer dedicated to helping you navigate through life and loss. My greatest joy is to help others, to have the honor to listen to your story, and to offer hope. I am truly grateful and it is my privilege to be on this journey with you.