Communicating In Grief

10 Tips Communicating In Grief
You may have experienced grief but may be hesitant to approach others who are bereaved. Not knowing what to say, you may tend to avoid talking to those who are grieving. There is not one right thing to say. It is your heart of concern and love that you need to share and express.
1. Be genuine and sincere.
2. Use direct and specific language.
3. Mention their loved one by name.
4. Do not say that you know how they feel. Each loss is unique.
5. Do not tell them how good they look to avoid talking about how bad they feel.
6. Let them cry and express their emotions.
7. Be willing to listen. Silence is okay.
8. If they want to talk about their loss, do not change the subject to a lighter topic.
9. Take your conversation cues from them.
10. Minister to the whole family.

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