Apricity (n). The warmth of the sun inwinter.

Grief & Winter Solstice

Grief & the Winter Solstice

Apricity (n). The warmth of the sun in winter.

Grief & the Winter Solstice. The dark season in the northern hemisphere with its promise of coming light, is a perfect time to honor those we miss.

May the Winter Solstice be a time to honor our grief, pause and to begin a family tradition of remembrance and love with pictures, candles, pine cones, evergreens and all that brings you comfort and warmth.

In the midst of our darkest night of grief, it is impossible to believe there will ever be light. In these moments, remember the Winter Solstice and the cyclical nature that moves us toward the light of healing. May your dark night of grief be lit with the stars of love, hope and peace.

To make the transition from darkness to light, grief to hope…

Embrace traditions

Make a wreath

Prepare a feast

Dine by candlelight

Celebrate the lights

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