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Love Notes To The Bereaved

Love Notes To The Bereaved

What a beautiful thing it is to love so deeply. Grief is so closely linked to love. Grief and love are intertwined. Grief is our unexpressed love that will

remain with us until we take our last breath because we never get enough time with one another. It hurts because we love so deeply and we wouldn’t want

it any other way. May you be gentle with yourself. May you be patient with yourself as you learn to be with your losses. Your love, grief, feelings and your

joy are sacred. Sending much love to you.

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I am a grief counselor, certified grief educator, certified professional life coach, speaker, and writer dedicated to helping you navigate through life and loss. My greatest joy is to help others, to have the honor to listen to your story, and to offer hope. I am truly grateful and it is my privilege to be on this journey with you.