Missing You This Thanksgiving 1124

Missing You This Thanksgiving

Missing You This Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is nearly here and while some are looking forward to sharing the holiday with our loved ones, there are some struggling to feel thankful this year. Thanksgiving can be especially challenging as ‘giving thanks’ is at the heart of the holiday, and it can be achingly difficult to feel thankful while deeply missing your beloved. It is okay to feel less than grateful in your grief; it is also okay to feel immense gratitude and grief at the same time.
If you know someone who is missing their beloved, please say their loved one’s name and let them know you are remembering them, too. One of the most kindest way you can help them heal is to honor, remember and love together.
I am holding you and your families in my heart this Thanksgiving and sending a warm embrace of love, hope and comfort with wishes for a gentle Thanksgiving.

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