Wellness Wednesday 914

What Grievers Wish You Knew

What people who are grieving wish you knew…
* No matter how much time has passed, it is still hard for those who are grieving.
* The grief doesn’t go away just because the grievers are in a good mood.
* Whether it was 5 years ago or 5 months ago, the pain at times can feel the same.
* It does not help to say ‘everything happens for a reason.’
* The grievers do not choose to be sad.
* Random grief tears will happen.
* The grievers want to talk about their loved one, remember them and share stories.

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I am a grief counselor, certified grief educator, certified professional life coach, speaker, and writer dedicated to helping you navigate through life and loss. My greatest joy is to help others, to have the honor to listen to your story, and to offer hope. I am truly grateful and it is my privilege to be on this journey with you.