Evening & Weekend Grief

Evening & Weekend Grief
Grief can impact your sleep. Whether it is having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, when your sleep is disrupted it can create much distress in the evening.
In the evening, there are no distractions. The night may bring long hours of empty or unstructured time.
Whether it be your spouse, child, parent or anyone who lived with you, to help with a meal, watch television or talk about your day, it can create much loneliness in the evening.
Darkness has an impact on mood and motivation. When it gets dark earlier in the season, it can lower your motivation to want to participate in evening activities.
Rumination is when our brains go over and over things going on in our lives. The brain tries to make sense. Rumination can happen at anytime but it is especially common in the evenings.
Not looking forward to evenings or weekends is normal because you are missing the time you would have spent with your loved one.

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